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Jack Yan

Only takes 120 minutes to load here in Wellington (similarly in Christchurch), though I did experience 48 hours earlier this month. It is annoying, because I am still adamant the problem is Vox’s.

Jack Yan

Robin, who is your ISP? In Auckland, trying Kordia, and I can’t even do a traceroute to Vox.


My normal ISP is Xtra, when I logged in while travelling it would have been a US one via the Autodesk conference wifi

Jack Yan

I’m still wondering whether your device helped. Do you want to give it another shot on your desktop machine or laptop? To date you are the only person who has been able to get a compose window on my account on his first attempt. (Even Daisy at Six Apart could not.) I’ve pretty much followed all of Vox’s recommendations over the last few days, but I am getting the same lag I always did (though down to minutes, as opposed to days).
   I occasionally can get a compose window in seconds, but I can’t tell you how many attempts that required. So in practice it can be done, just not often.

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